finally recovered


woof. wb3 was epic, exhausting and a blur. thanks a million to everyone that came out. total registration numbers were 335, plus a bunch of people that came late (at least 20). biggest rally in MA history.


there’s a ton more photos embedded and linked in this MA thread, just scroll though it.

that weekend not only did a number to me, but also my bikes. late thursday night brandon from the buffalo boys rolled in with my black and gold derbi. i started taking it apart to get my kitted pyramid reed motor on there and finally called it quits after 5am. friday morning acr (i love those guys) woke me up at 9am with their van horn blaring. the free pbr was immediately dove into and i went back to working on my derbi. i ran into a weird problem. 2 of the motor mounts were a couple mm off. the variant came with a piston port, but their essentially the same motors so i was confused. i ended up angle grinding a little bit of on the of the footrest mounts down and enlarging the motor mount holes a bit and it bolted up fine. the swingarms were also very slightly different and i had to end up switching my old swingarm over to make it work. i was about half done when i had to go pick up benji from the airport, who was carrying the ring i needed to get scary busey back on the road. jarret from acr graciously lent me a hand getting gaskets cut and the top end assembled while i raged on finishing the derbi. after a full day of wrenching we both finished around the same time, and both bikes fired right up. success!

here’s the derbi in it’s somewhat finished state. i’m really liking this bike.
kitted colonel sanders

custom intake = urban express intake dremeled out to 19mm, new holes drilled, shaved down, cut off so it’s straight, and an 8″ radiator hose. oh yeah, don’t forget proper carb lashing.
proper carb lashing

so scary busey was back to being himself, and the derbi felt great. friday night though the derbi started acting up bad after the rain, and i had a lightening storm happening around my points. i spent a little time working on it saturday morning, but didn’t feel like leading the long ride with a sketchy bike so i ditched it and took trusty busey instead. i up jetted a couple sizes and retarded the timing a bit to be safe and he loved it. upper 50s at 16×40 with loads of mid range. the saturday ride went real smooth and was beautiful. perfect weather, waterfall, tons of forests, zebras, camels and river blasting. no one really rode like assholes (thanks to the fast bikes for waiting to blast) and everyone seemed to enjoy it. well over 50 breakdowns in chase though…yikes.

sunday came around and right as we left to meet at nates my bike didn’t have spark. i looked into it last night after a hiatus from mopeds and it’s my cdi stator. didn’t see any broken wires, so it might be one of the coils or the pickup, bummer. i also may have toasted my lightened clutch over the weekend. the magneto is doing that “oh noes your clutch is sticking” shimmy shim when i roll the bike around. still need to take it apart…but i could have bent the posts, even WITH the brace. the metal we used was some scrap we had laying around and was kind of thin…but still, having enough force to stretch metal is nuts. we’ll see if that’s what really happened.

yesterday i also took apart my forks to figure out where the front to back play was coming from. oh hey…that might be it.

i popped a new cup in i had and it’s good to go. while i had my forks off i took apart the hydraulic tubes for the first time to drain the oil and refill it to spec with some new stuff. the forks were pretty squishy so i wasn’t too surprised when this is all that came out of them.
no oil = squishy forks

the proper amount of oil should stiffen them up quite a bit. they’re were diving pretty hard going into to corners on the track, no good. all i really have left to do on my race bike is to get my seat moved forward. right now most of my weight is over the rear wheel and i’m scrunched up. i might end up rocking the 15 bing 2 petal on an unported cylinder for the first race setup. i don’t have any large hex jets and still need to make an intake. i don’t want to rush this and end up bringing an experimental/untuned bike to the track. we’ll see. 5 more days till the races!


2 Responses to “finally recovered”

  1. When you recover your seat on Scary Busey, it needs to be labeled “Butt-horn”

  2. 2 gabeb

    recover the seat?? never! incase you were wondering it’s covered with racing quality gaffers tape and red sharpie with a spray paint overlay. pro-status. i’m just going to weld a seat post on it so it sits a little further forward and up.

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