“that’ll work”


uh oh, nate went ahead and done made himself a blog. if you want a peak of the down and dirty of the monsters nate turns out and the heart of some bandit builds, check it out at http://natebandit.blogspot.com/. some rad vespa tech happening right now.

in non-mad scientist moped news i got my derbi running solid again. turns out the gnarly angle the fuel line was taking was causing a fuel flow issue, even though the carb/fuel line were well below the fuel level. weird. so i hacked up my rubber hose, took off the airfilter and got my carb tucked away in my frame.

ok, that's a little better

i took my front wheel off to clean the brakes and found that at some point the steel brake drum liner on the wheel had been removed, so the brake pads were now rubbing on the aluminum of the wheel. how that happens i have no idea, but it’s not good. so this bike will eventually be getting a disk brake UPGRAYEDD. in the mean time the rear brake and some light front braking are more than enough stopping power.

a few of us are planning on riding the 250+ miles to motion lefts rally this weekend. my current bailing wire exhaust mount lasts about 10 miles before i need to retighten the bolts, so i figured i’d get a proper fix before the ride. i hacked off the mounting tab on my pipe (it was made for a swingarm mounted flatreed setup) and welded it further up so it mounts to the stock variant exhaust arm that’s right below the rear variator. it’s a real solid and clean fix. i’m heading to mississippi tomorrow through thursday for a shoot for work, hopefully i’ll get back in time to be able to ride up with them. should be awesome.


4 Responses to ““that’ll work””

  1. 1 Nate

    Awww thanks Gabe.

  2. Indiana country riding is great fun! Stop in Alexandria and see the worlds largest ball of paint! You can even add paint to it! It’s right on the way there!

    • 3 gabeb

      Zack and some other bandits visited that years ago riding to kzoo. I’ve heard tales of latex paint covered special kids.

  3. 4 brandon

    sorry to hear about that wheel man…

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