vacation rally and life stuff


motion left’s vacation rally was awesome. karaoke, country riding, camping, smores, loko, etc. only bummer was my derbi died on the way to nates to load bikes and head up there. i put a couple hours into it saturday morning at motion left. electrical looked good, fuel flow was good, but nothing. other ideas are a seal going bad, a stuck ring, or a frayed wire somewhere that’s grounding out. i’ve got to take some time and slowly go through the bike bit by bit to see what’s wrong. so i was on a loaner for the weekend which ended up being pretty fun. i got nate’s fa50 on the way there, and kelly’s blue and purple maxi on the way back. get some.

scooter donnie was there. he rules.
scooter donnie
oh, and kz made it.

in the meantime i’m going to get busey back on the road and run 17×45 gearing to take it a little easier on the clutch. that’ll probably be the bike i take to bomb prom. word on the street is there’s some gnarly hills so it’d be nice to have a variator, but we’re also going to the track monday and there’s some twisties on the ride so it should be a good one to bring. bummed i’m probably not going to have the derbi monster done by then. life stuff is picking up and keeping me from tackling big projects. i’ve got one week left at my current job (the one i moved to louisville for) then i’m going back to freelance film work. there isn’t much work in louisville right now, so i’ll probably be heading back up to michigan to get some work there. they passed a huge film incentive bill a couple years ago and features started to pour in just as i left last spring. i might also spend some time in elkart working with devin at motion left building some pipes, customs and working on my race bike. pretty stoked about spending some summer time in michigan. few, if any, places beat a michigan summer.

preach it tim.


3 Responses to “vacation rally and life stuff”

  1. I was thinking to myself as I read your blog, “you know who really likes Michigan? Tim Allen”, and then guess what? You read my mind.

  2. 2 JOEL

    That looks like fun. You know what really beats the out of work blues? Seattle in the summer. We’re just a 3 1/2 hour flight away. Phil and I have a union of out of work moped mechanics.

  3. 3 gabeb

    seattle is amazing in the summer. i spent a week there in july a couple years ago and loved it. i’ll see how things shape up this summer, maybe i’ll make a trip out.

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