woah, hey guys


almost a month since my last post. like i said before life stuff really picked up. right after bomb prom i moved back up to michigan for the summer and lost a bit of my moped groove. buuut, i’m ready to get back into the swing of things.

scary busey: some more developments with this bike. i blew it once again at bomb prom like a total n00b. luckily my bike lasted until after the middle section of the long ride called buffalo ridge which was hands down the best/most intense road i’ve been on to date. super tight 2 lane road, multiple drops that you couldn’t see until you were at the top, stomach dropping, got air going over one of the tops, gnarly 15 mph banked corners right at the end. it ousted the sunday long ride from flock yeah 2 (santa monica i think) that went out to malibu. so right after that i was cruising down a slight downhill at quarter throttle when i heard it go. pulled over and zerrrro compression. i took it apart to find a busted ring and slightly mangled piston. thankfully no cylinder chipping.

busted ring number 3

i decided to do a little minor intake porting (back 3mm) while i had it apart.

fresh porting

fresh porting

fresh porting

this was completely unported, i also have that ported out cylinder that’s a little more damaged. maybe i’ll dick around with that a little. no one has polini rings, so i’m sitting on this bike right now till they come in. if anyone has a spare let me know. i’m also getting more tempted to put the 4 petal and 24 mikuni on there in the mean time. once i get an intake for it, it’ll probably happen.

busey wasn’t all bonerjamz at bomb prom though. quatto was going to upholster the “>racing seat i made. he surprised me at bomb prom with one of the most epic seats ever. totally ruling.

amazing upholstery surprise

the riding position is a thousand times better.

in the world of derbi, i’m hoping to make some more progress on the derbi monster when i’m back in louisville for a little bit starting this weekend. the big mystery left on this bike is if the spokes i bought are going to work with both the motorcycle hub and moby rim. fingers crossed. i’m also going to put the black and gold piston port derbi up for sale. i haven’t had it long, but now that i’m bouncing around between cities, it doesn’t make sense to have a daily rider that i can’t fit in my car. someone else will show that bike some more love.


9 Responses to “woah, hey guys”

  1. 1 JOEL

    dibs! Bring it to BD7, ride it, and then I’ll buy it and you can just leave it here.

  2. 2 tweeder

    lemme know about black and gold. i’va always wanted one.

  3. E-mailed you about the ring! Also, ride your Derbi out here, I’ll buy it and get you a flight home.

  4. 4 gabeb

    rad! thanks phil!! emailing you back.

    haha everyone wants the black and gold. joel and phil, that’s a really good idea. i’m figuring out if i can make bd, not sure though. getting the bike out there might be a little tricky because i can’t fit it in my car easily at all. if i can get it out there though i’m going to come up with some sort of battle royal where you guys duke it out for dibs.

    so far everyone that wants it builds really nice bikes and takes care of them, which is a must. i’m going to email you dudes.

  5. Uh, if building really nice bikes and taking care of them means slapping it together as quickly as possible and then constantly working on it as it breaks down, then sell it to Joel.

  6. 6 sethk

    check the orphanage. they stock alot of polini rings

  7. You think a guy who couch surfs for a living would have time to update more!

    • 8 gabeb

      hey chump! I’ve been working on a commercial in lexington last week and this week. scary busey updates when I’m back. btw, you should really get a twitter. even if it’s just to lurk like joel.

  8. 9 Serrano

    Hey Gabe:
    Did you ever figure out what caused your piston to incur that famous polini crack on bottom? Same thing happened to my original and 2nd piston and I’m pretty leary getting another one until I figure this out. My exhaust port, cylinder walls are all smooth yet this keeps happening. I appreciate your help.

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