mr responsible, the seattle curse and motos


after i blue’d up my polini at bomb prom and couldn’t find any rings, mr responsible aka responsible jon aka philip patrie of (if you want real sick powdercoating check it out) sent me one as a gift. what a guy. i got back to michigan after the 4th and put the bike back together, taking my time to make sure everything was done proper. i set out gingerly to break it in. about 3 miles in BLUUUERRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHH. hard seize, my first. after it cooled down i managed to unstick the piston and pull it apart. miraculously the ring wasn’t broken, just a big smear at the top of the piston and below the ports on the cylinder wall. at first i suspected the ring phil sent me carried the seattle curse he had be experiencing lately; exhibit a, exhibit b, exhibit c, exhibit d and exhibit e. i have a couple of ideas what it could have actually been, but i haven’t looked into it too hard. regardless, busey is back on timeout and will remain there until some new parts arrive. the wonderful mike thomas is fabbing up a 24mm intake for my malossi 4 petal. time to go big.

in other 2 wheeled news i picked up this guy.

it’s a rad little 1974 cb360. no i’m not getting out of mopeds. it’s another fun toy and i love having the ability to go long distances whenever i want on two wheels. riding a moto has surprisingly made me enjoy mopeds even more. there’s a simplicity and joy from the bikes being so small that you can’t get riding a motorcycle. different toys for different purposes.


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