i’m back


the show i was working on has come to a finish, and now i have time and motivation again to work on mopeds. looking at my garage, i see it strewn with tattered and multi-seized polini cylinders. i decided it was time to take a break and build something new. i already have the 24tm mikuni, so i’m going gila. devin has a couple new tricks up his sleeve and i’m pumped to do some testing with that kit.

in the meantime i cleaned up and put my polini back together last night to see how long it would last. based on the loud piston to cylinder sounds it was making i’m skeptical how long that’ll be. with a new motor in the works it’s much easier not to care.

in a few short weeks busey will go loaded up and i’ll be heading out on an epic road trip to SF with chad burke, jaker and one other person. we’re leaving a week before the rally and taking the southern route out there. it’s going to be good to see all you west coast duders.


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