kHz rally


kHz rally was SICK. got to meet a load of awesome east coast duders. a lot of talented builders and good dudes out there. finally got to meet some metal ponies, those duders are top notch. fast, clean and smart builds and great people to boot. one of my favorite things about rallies is being able to meet fun, genuine people all over the states and this rally was no exception. speaking of, the kHz are amazing hosts. thanks guys! here are some highlight photos, courtesy of aaron. scary busey made it the whole rally, here’s proof!

dan from the metal ponies on his super clean polini maxi

andy went to outer space

i found a hat

seth found true love

and sheila found a hole

oh noes! chad and seth were EXTREMELY WORRIED
animated gif lulz

“wait, did someone say ham sandwich?”

“no bitch, i said SLAM SANDWICH”

the end.

we got two new bandits. jeremy shay and sean. sean’s a goober. just kidding sean. they’re both good dudes.

i also got a new toy. i’ll let you figure out what it is.
new toy


5 Responses to “kHz rally”

  1. 1 Daniel

    Sick!!!!! that email address on that engine diagram looks familiar… wait a sec…


  3. everybody with the m101’s these days!! i’m jealous. nice seeing you in boston dude! i keep trying to remember what we called the helmet hit on the roof saturday night..

    • 4 gabeb

      LOCK N LOAD! i need a bike to put it on, and saw you might be interested in selling/trading your pacer ss? perhaps we could work out some sort of deal?

  4. Is your new toy a flesh light?

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