sHs and a switcharoo


switchHANDsignal’s rally was last weekend and was nothing short of awesome. it had a tight family feel with a lot of good people. i got to hang out with the black pipes from ohio for the first time, pretty rad dudes for sure. friday night elder and i missed the long ride so we took off on our own through the city. it turned out to be one of the best rides i’ve been on. an hour and a half of gnarly hill twisties, bridge blasting, downtown, dark roads, and overlooks.

sHs rally

we ripped up the dimly lit twisty road in the foreground
sHs rally

after that ride i decided pittsburgh was too hilly for 18×45 gearing and went to 15×45 gearing after jaker’s “go big or go home” advice. acceleration was INSANE with that gearing…but so were the rpms. i knew time was limited at those rpms, i did my best to keep them down and stay on top of the choke…but about 20 miles in ZINK….whammy. i popped the head off to find some aluminum bits and a chipped piston (exhaust side).
poor lil busey
sHs rally

i rode chase to the huge farmers market we stopped at and had some tasty autumny treats. i’ll always be 12 years old, i’m glad i have friends who will be too.

sHs rally

sheila let me dubs up with her on chad’s TSA for the rest of the ride. nothing like ripping a stock bike dubs and passing people up hills.

french buddies
sHs rally

reverse dubs! it was even better than regular dubs. and i didn’t pick up a 5 year old on the way back, that’s still longo.
sHs rally

that rally totally ruled, and reminded me of how awesome of a community moped army is. super thankful to be able to meet and be friends with all you dudes.

after his latest seize, busey has been put on timeout and the time has come for another build. i got an m101 from chad a month ago, and was going to put it on a top tank. i couldn’t come up with a pacer super sport easily, and didn’t feel like putting a ton of work into another custom pretty bike…so i traded nate for this beauty…

rat bikes for life

RETURN OF THE RAT BIKE! not sure if you remember gary busey, the gnarly pieced together red frame maxi, but he was wonderful and i miss having a rat bike. little to nothing is going to be done to this orange beauty except for new motor mounts for the m101. i’m still devising plans for the motor, but it’ll most likely be running the polini gila kit, a 14 or 15 sha and maybe my derbi metrakit rk pipe. i’m super stoked about this bike, and am now taking suggestions for names…


2 Responses to “sHs and a switcharoo”

  1. it was a good time. nice to hang out with you again gabe. dubs team! i wish i coulda gone on that night ride through the city with you guys, i was workin on my bike at the time. lastly, good luck with your rat bike! should be sweet

  2. 2 jeremy

    hmm. Carrot Top? pre-roids, of course.

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