scary busey…


scary busey on 2 stroke gallery! lots of mopeds and rad other 2 stroke machines on their site.

plans are formulating for the next step of scary busey. i’m kicking the 15 bing to the curb (for this bike/for now) and going big….much bigger. thanks to the sweeties at motomatic, i’m going to have a proper reedblock to flow all 24mm from the mikuni i’ve wanted to run. the next psychotic bastard will include….

– crossbrace welded in
– 24 mikuni
– dio reedblock
– magical wizzzzard plate
– hpi
– MOAR porting
– custom pipe specifically for this bike

at some point (hopefully in the next month) i’m going to head to motion left and spend some time with good friend/e50 and polini master devin to put this together. i’m super stoked for this, especially about taking a swing at hammering some cones and building a pipe for it. i figuring as long as i’m seizing polinis i might as well do it in a large way.

(photos by rafter)


2 Responses to “scary busey…”

  1. this is gonna be sick!

  2. 2 marsh

    agreed! more photos when you get a chance.

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