hey guys! i’m not dead / moped gathering


first off, wordpress’ homepage has snowflakes falling on it. awesome. second, I’M BACK. it’s been a while. partially because all my mopeds were in louisville and i was in grand rapids, and because i just got back from a month in mexico working on a movie (photos from that trip in this flicker set and this one).

chad burke’s moped gather and fixit weekend was happening right after i got back and gave me some much needed moped time.

pat pat was hard at work on his gila and kz was transferring his polini to a shiny new build.

did somebody call…the DRILLMASTER?

walt was practicing for an extra’s role in the next xXx movie.


the weekend was an rad time of hanging out with good friends and wrenching (i got my m101 bottom end together, more later). big thanks to chad for hosting everyone at his house and warehouse. oh and for the record, the dark crystal is ONE F’D UP MOVIE.

one more thing, the illustrious mr responsible is coming back to the midwest. i’m very excited about this. maybe the lightning suits will collide for the first time this summer?


4 Responses to “hey guys! i’m not dead / moped gathering”

  1. it’s good to see you’re still alive.

  2. Glad to see you back, missed you at tanksdgiving… maybe see you at blkblk?

  3. We should start a racing team, you and me. Bolt Brothers. Lightning Lovers. Thunder-stroke.

  4. 4 gabeb

    graham, can’t make it to blk blk. family jams for the holidays.


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