pure wadowski

wads ventured up to michigan from bandit land over the holidays and spent some time hanging out in gr. he found this awesome game from the 70s for three dollars.

this game RULES

the red knob at the bottom controls all the little planks at the same time. the marbles then drop continually (so you have to move quick) and you make them plink their way down. the further down you get the more points you score.

IN THE ZONE. after a few tries,

perfect score!! the company has some pretty awesome other games.

this is not one of them.

from the back of the frenzy box.

in moped news, the last of the parts i need for both scary busey extreme edition and the m101 (thanks kevin!) will be here shortly. i’m getting the itch again to work on bikes. soon!

One Response to “FRENZY”

  1. Oh man…you’re still top dog at that game. I don’t know how you do it. It’s probably the multi-tasking properties of ADD that help you out tremendously. ha. Thanks again for the good times and the place to stay.

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