moped racing: thoughts from zack


cuperzack put together a really well thought out post about moped racing, the progression it’s taken over the last couple years, and what the core of it is all about. it’s long, but worth it. here are some highlights….

The first 2 years of moped racing did much to evolve the tuning and attitudes towards performance than had been seen the previous few. Old threads on MA show people talking (in 2007) about how they hit 60 but they were scared to hold it and so on. ….in general most advancements were cautious and had to do with the availability of new parts and adapting parts to work in new applications (say the malossi reed block on a puch polini with a PHBG: instant speed increases)…

…2009 was a direct contrast. The innovation in just a series of months was intense. With so many custom builds, people wanted to get even crazier, and they did….

…Many, myself included, were a bit bummed that racing had become something so intense, where actually competing required either money or great expertise….

…So after reading all this you are probably wondering what I’m trying to say. It comes down to this: moped racing is about determined individuals. The particular powerplant is not what is relevant in our endeavors to create competitive racing, but those involved….

…If we want to get people involved we simply need to get them on the track. I remember seeing Travis’ initial fear of going out on the track at the Polini cup, but after one lap you could see the excitement in his eyes. Not everyone will respond the same way, but the attraction to racing is difficult to build through rules, instead it needs to be through the experience. Racing is about having fun!…

Link again to the full post.

Just a few nuggets, there’s a loads more insight in his full post. I’m really hoping racing happens in the midwest this year. There are some people currently working on it. This weekend I’m heading to motion left to hang out with friends I haven’t seen in too long and to make some progress on scary busey (the 24 mk, polini, dio reedblock e50). I’m going to re-casematch and rebuild my bottom end and do some experimental porting with Devin to see what we can get out of the cylinder. Real excited to get back to building.


2 Responses to “moped racing: thoughts from zack”

  1. 1 zack

    Hey Gabe, thanks for posting this. I know there are a lot of people stoked on racing and I hope this can the beginning of a more open dialogue that can make it more sustainable. I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s opinion on the matter, and I think the more that people speak up, the better racing can become.

    Oh, I had a little typo I fixed. In my last paragraph it says attracting, i meant attraction. I should proof read more carefully.

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