Well That Was Awesome/Polini Dio Progress


The winter months make it easy to forget how much fun you have with moped friends. This weekend I went down to Goshen Indiana for a welcome home party for Mr. Responsible Jon, hosted by Devin at the MLM shop. It was a collection of amazing midwestern friends. Bandits, TBS, Guns, MF, Motion Left and some rad Chicago dudes were all present.

There lots of table tennis. I beat Responsible “Bruce Lee Backhand” Jon handily, who was NOT playing with his left hand.

Devin and Phil had some heated matches. In the end, RJ’s keen responsibility kept him in much better shape.

Bengry was working on his commuter.

Loads of shenanigans.

…..sigh. Thanks Nate.
damn it nate

Wads found out he’s life expectancy is “average”.

how long will you live?

“Hey Gabe, buy a Brat.”

Put in the time to go fast.

I made some progress on the TM24, Honda Dio, Polini e50 setup.

Started out by getting rid of fins. They’re for sissies.

cooling fins are for sissys

I want to make sure I’m taking full advantage of the 24mm of ridiculousness, so I opened the intake up alllll the way (that intake has already been taken back 5mm). Ignore the orange, it was an idea I decided against.



Precision is king.

I grabbed Devin’s massive Lectron carb and mocked it up for some good lulz. Even with the TM24 it looks ridiculous, especially when it get’s bolted up to a maxi.

lectron lulz

The weekend was amazing. It was a reminder of the solid people I have in my life and how thankful I am for the moped community. Life is good.

Check out RJ’s account of the weekend here.


3 Responses to “Well That Was Awesome/Polini Dio Progress”

  1. 1 Jay

    Looks Like a fun weekend! hit a broth up next time you are rollin thru Indy on your way up to Goshen! my number is on FB or you can just hit me up on there as well…

    Indy has a rally planned for the beginning of summer we’ll keep everyone posted as a date is finalized!

  2. What a great weekend!

  3. Excited to see your results with the intake opened all the way.
    The pic with the Lectron is awesome

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