woooohboy, what a great weekend


This past weekend was just fantastic. Responsible Jon and I headed down to Louisville for good times. On the way down I spent the night in Goshen to hang out with Devin and talk shop. He’s got some real rad stuff in the works. It’s going to be a big summer for him. So stoked.

Good small town diner eats. This place is awesome.

I left Goshen Friday and ventured through the back roads of Indiana to pick up some powder coated parts for RJ from Amish Ernie and then continued through the beautiful countryside to Lafayette. It was a beautiful, sunny, windows down, motown kind of spring day.

The weekend was filled with good friends, lots of grilling, bandit antics, wads getting his vespino running!!!, riding and warm weather. All you could ask for out of a weekend and more.

Indiana fine art.


Travis/Jihee, Phil kept whispering something about supreme Dr Mario skills and Mosquito Fleet domination. Not sure what that was all about.

Maggie’s rad house she’s renovating.

Thanks to a traffic jam we took some amazing backroads through the Hoosier National forrest. 2 hours of winding, beautiful wooded roads with creeks running along side. Good to have you back spring time.

2 Responses to “woooohboy, what a great weekend”

  1. 1 seth

    i’m pretty good at dr mario, too. although probably a distant fourth behind jihee, trav, and phil.

  2. What!? I play Dr. Mario (wii) online like ALLL the time. How I am now just hearing about this?

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