More Cylinder Work


I had forgotten how much I love having a shop to work in. Heading down there with no agenda, listening to music and hanging out and working is incredibly relaxing and enjoyable. I spent the last 3 nights hanging out in the shop doing some work on my polini cylinder and cases.

I was looking at my cylinder, and had a “huh, that should work” moment and I decided I could go a little bigger on the intake. So the motown went up and the dremel and file came out.

I made sure there was seemless transition between the dio adapter and cylinder. There’s something soothing about working with hand files.


What my crank looked like when I pulled it, TOO BLUE.

After helpful input from some MA folks, I decided to have it rebuilt by Chris at mopedcrankworks. It’ll be getting a rito conrod, INA big and small end bearings, cleaned up and balanced. It’s an awesome option to have instead of buying another crank. This is the last big remaining step in getting this bike done. I’m pumped to get busey 3.0 started.
Hopefully it’ll be at least a while until these guys end up with some more company.


2 Responses to “More Cylinder Work”

  1. Love this blog BTW.

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