See you Tomorrow Seattle!


A month of family vacation and work travels is coming to a close with a climatic ending. Seattle! I’m flying out tomorrow for a week (graciously hosted by Joel and Rosanna, yeah!) with a few friends to attend a film festival and hang out with the illustrious mosquito fleet and friends. So excited!

In brief Scary Busey news, I spent a some time rekindling my relationship with him last night and jb welded my cases where I blew through. I also got my crank back from Chris and mopedcrankworks, and she’s a beauty. Premium parts and precision. I’m pretty sure I have everything I need to put him back together, possibly with a some bonus parts from the wizards liar.

I found out on my family’s vacation that rental scooters are WAY more fun than I thought they’d be.



One Response to “See you Tomorrow Seattle!”

  1. 1 seth

    awesome. there’s a spring opener called backfire wednesday that some of us are going to from 4-6 or 7pm. friday night is fire pit action at joel and rosanna’s. sunday is a fix-it/bbq at my house.

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