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Busey’s Back.


Decided to give Scary Busey a double dose of pimping and upgrayedd the shocks. I liked the shocks Christophe used on his Daggr1 one build (west seattle just got a set too). When I looked into where those guys got them (, I was surprised to find out it was a half hour away! So […]

Dual Snap Rings


While I was in Seattle I picked up a V1 turned Puch clutch bell for the KTM conversion. This fancy item was forged deep in the liar of Seattle wizard Michael Mike. When I picked it up he gave me some wizardly advice and suggested running dual snap rings to keep the crank from walking […]

Fix a Flat


While we were in Seattle, Joel and Rosanna were awesome enough to lend Derek and I their Derbi’s. Joel’s had a flat, so I taught Derek how to change a flat the no-tools way. Gazelle intimidation Remove the wheel, do whatever you please to get the tire off (tools are fine to use at this […]


i do. we competed in a 24 hr film competition. the finished film i got to see the wizards liar. there were amazing rides. we wrenched and ate burritos. and greasy bags of dicks. and had the best hosts ever. it was one of the best weeks of my life. the fleets hospitality is second […]