Fix a Flat


While we were in Seattle, Joel and Rosanna were awesome enough to lend Derek and I their Derbi’s. Joel’s had a flat, so I taught Derek how to change a flat the no-tools way.

Gazelle intimidation

Remove the wheel, do whatever you please to get the tire off (tools are fine to use at this point). When we got the gazelle off this Derbi had plenty of awesome blue paint, but no rim strip.

So I used a trick Peter taught me and cut up the old busted tube into a rim strip.


The brake pads were all glossed over

So I sanded them with some aluminum oxide sandpaper, good as new.

Now comes the fun part. Tire wrestlin’.

The no-tools magic works by constantly squeezing the bead of the tire (both sides) into the middle of the rim so the tire is able to stretch the maximum distance. You don’t have to be stronger, you just have to be smarter. When the tire is almost on and it looks impossible, figure out an approach that stretches it a bit more. Last night Derek (who isn’t a big dude) wrestled his brand new 2.75″ Gazelles on by hand.

Now enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you manhandled your tires on yourself.


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  1. Exceptionally well written blog..

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