Dual Snap Rings


While I was in Seattle I picked up a V1 turned Puch clutch bell for the KTM conversion.

This fancy item was forged deep in the liar of Seattle wizard Michael Mike. When I picked it up he gave me some wizardly advice and suggested running dual snap rings to keep the crank from walking (those KTM clutches bring the business). So I did.

Per MM’s advice I cut the groove on the outside of the stator side bearing. This way you can run a standard 6203 bearing and have the snap ring hang out between the bearing and seal, instead of running two 6203NR’s. It also gives you a little room for error with cutting the groove.

To cut it, I used a reinforced dremel cutoff wheel and gently scored the surface back and forth. Depending on the cases, you’ll probably be able to see where the bearing sits from discoloration, giving you a nice guide. I also had an old crank with trashed bearings on it to cut around.



3 Responses to “Dual Snap Rings”

  1. 1 Craig Hobbs

    awe… no in progress photo love?

    im going to rock this mod on the kickstart e50. i am glad i was there to watch this happen first hand

    • 2 gabeb

      the photos all came in itty bitty. i got the mvt cdi box bracket rubberized and painted last night, it looks awesome. thanks for your help with that!

  2. Awesome, that is how the MMM boys do it too.

    I run the dual 6203NR bearings, since that is what I had laying around at the time….

    Its magical!

    Have fun with that KTM clutch! I will send you a present when they are done

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