Gas Shocks, Trail Buddy, and the near rebirth of Scary Busey


Decided to give Scary Busey a double dose of pimping and upgrayedd the shocks. I liked the shocks Christophe used on his Daggr1 one build (west seattle just got a set too).
When I looked into where those guys got them (, I was surprised to find out it was a half hour away! So I swung by to pick up a pair and check out the shop.

I starting talking shop with one of the owners. I love sharing a passion for small cc vintage bikes with people. They’ve got some crazy Honda Trail builds.

So I snagged a rad set of gas shocks from them and slapped them on Scary Busey. They took a little adapting to make work. But between stealing a stock set of Puch shock bushings,

then sliding them into the bottom gas shock bushings,

and then making a fancy cut up hose clamp shim for the top bushing mount,

they turned out ship shape and real solid!

I also finished buttoning the motor up.

The final parts for him came in the mail today. Tonight he sits waiting. Tomorrow, hopefully he comes roaring back to life.

Easy buddy.


7 Responses to “Gas Shocks, Trail Buddy, and the near rebirth of Scary Busey”

  1. 1 KZ

    What’s the story on that clutch?

    • 2 gabeb

      the ktm clutch is down the line/for race only. i’ll be running the lightened/braced three shoe i had last year.

  2. that things looks….SICK. good job gabe.

  3. 5 Graham

    lookin’ good man, cant wait to see it finished up. i reckon i’ll need to get a set of those shocks pretty soon also. it looks like a lot of similar ones are sold on ebay from a variety of china sources, but taking the plunge to get some that nobody else has tried is kindof a crap shoot.

  4. Yes! Those dudes are rad!

    Looking good my friend

  5. 7 gabeb

    thanks dudes.

    graham, support this little rad shop and our great lakes economy! i told them they’ve got a small following in the moped community. show them the love.

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