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Summer is Here


Life is pretty awesome guys.

This past weekend was just fantastic. Responsible Jon and I headed down to Louisville for good times. On the way down I spent the night in Goshen to hang out with Devin and talk shop. He’s got some real rad stuff in the works. It’s going to be a big summer for him. So stoked. […]



wads ventured up to michigan from bandit land over the holidays and spent some time hanging out in gr. he found this awesome game from the 70s for three dollars. the red knob at the bottom controls all the little planks at the same time. the marbles then drop continually (so you have to move […]

i stopped by the motorcycle shop yesterday to make some derbi progress. when i got there matt (from cheap cycle parts, really rad dudes) brought me around back and showed me his buddies 55-60mph wheelie machine jog, so awesome. hey what are those holes for? oh, the watercooled athena kit. nbd. the radiator is cycled […]

This past weekend Nate, Devin and I went up to Milwaukee (which is AWESOME) to hang out with the Cranks. If you haven’t spent time with any of the Cranks, you’re blowing it. These dudes are super hospitable, a ton of fun, real knowledgeable, ride year round…they’re doing it right. We spent all day Saturday […]



gary busey (my red maxi) was my first moped. i love him dearly, but the kreemed tank is starting to flake and the rattle canned paintjob has been running off at gas stations across the country. he’s just not suitable as a race bike and it’s time to retire him (for now) and move my […]

nothing too excited, but some more steady progress made. after precision eyeballing and precarious tack welding the yz80 frame has been retrofitted with tank mounts. after a few layers of electrical tape they fit real snug. after getting the tank mounted i ran into a problem. the monsterous hydro fork tubes were hitting the tank […]

this weekend we (bandits and tbs) stayed at a rad cabin in the appalachian mountains. a few miles into the 30 mile ride i was coming to the top of a long hill when my motor started getting noisy. polini’s are loud kits and i’ve heard some weird noises out of mine with nothing wrong, […]

in a partial trade for the tsm, ben from switcHANDsignal sent me a new derbi metrakit pipe.  i had a feeling the 75cc zen was holding me back, and HOLY CRAP was i right.  the bike was entirely transformed.   easy wheelie torque and a ton more top end (8+ mph). the zen pipe was just […]