I had forgotten how much I love having a shop to work in. Heading down there with no agenda, listening to music and hanging out and working is incredibly relaxing and enjoyable. I spent the last 3 nights hanging out in the shop doing some work on my polini cylinder and cases.

I was looking at my cylinder, and had a “huh, that should work” moment and I decided I could go a little bigger on the intake. So the motown went up and the dremel and file came out.

I made sure there was seemless transition between the dio adapter and cylinder. There’s something soothing about working with hand files.


What my crank looked like when I pulled it, TOO BLUE.

After helpful input from some MA folks, I decided to have it rebuilt by Chris at mopedcrankworks. It’ll be getting a rito conrod, INA big and small end bearings, cleaned up and balanced. It’s an awesome option to have instead of buying another crank. This is the last big remaining step in getting this bike done. I’m pumped to get busey 3.0 started.
Hopefully it’ll be at least a while until these guys end up with some more company.


Scary Busey’s getting a suspension UPGRAYEDD along with the new motor build. First up is getting the magnum swingarm I’ve had sitting around mounted up. With the longer swingarm, it was time to chop the fender down. I used Jeremy D Bandit’s maxi frame as some inspiration. Jeremy is a master of meticulous and beautiful bikes (you can check out photos of his gila magnum build here).



And with the magnum swingarm.


Next will be some new shocks. I found these on ebay under “320mm air shock”. They seem pretty alright. Then I hit up Christophe to see what he uses, and he linked me to a company that is less than 30 mins from my house. Crazy! They sell aftermarket Trail CT70 parts. Here are the specific ones I’m going to head in and check out.

This past weekend was just fantastic. Responsible Jon and I headed down to Louisville for good times. On the way down I spent the night in Goshen to hang out with Devin and talk shop. He’s got some real rad stuff in the works. It’s going to be a big summer for him. So stoked.

Good small town diner eats. This place is awesome.

I left Goshen Friday and ventured through the back roads of Indiana to pick up some powder coated parts for RJ from Amish Ernie and then continued through the beautiful countryside to Lafayette. It was a beautiful, sunny, windows down, motown kind of spring day.

The weekend was filled with good friends, lots of grilling, bandit antics, wads getting his vespino running!!!, riding and warm weather. All you could ask for out of a weekend and more.

Indiana fine art.


Travis/Jihee, Phil kept whispering something about supreme Dr Mario skills and Mosquito Fleet domination. Not sure what that was all about.

Maggie’s rad house she’s renovating.

Thanks to a traffic jam we took some amazing backroads through the Hoosier National forrest. 2 hours of winding, beautiful wooded roads with creeks running along side. Good to have you back spring time.




The winter months make it easy to forget how much fun you have with moped friends. This weekend I went down to Goshen Indiana for a welcome home party for Mr. Responsible Jon, hosted by Devin at the MLM shop. It was a collection of amazing midwestern friends. Bandits, TBS, Guns, MF, Motion Left and some rad Chicago dudes were all present.

There lots of table tennis. I beat Responsible “Bruce Lee Backhand” Jon handily, who was NOT playing with his left hand.

Devin and Phil had some heated matches. In the end, RJ’s keen responsibility kept him in much better shape.

Bengry was working on his commuter.

Loads of shenanigans.

…..sigh. Thanks Nate.
damn it nate

Wads found out he’s life expectancy is “average”.

how long will you live?

“Hey Gabe, buy a Brat.”

Put in the time to go fast.

I made some progress on the TM24, Honda Dio, Polini e50 setup.

Started out by getting rid of fins. They’re for sissies.

cooling fins are for sissys

I want to make sure I’m taking full advantage of the 24mm of ridiculousness, so I opened the intake up alllll the way (that intake has already been taken back 5mm). Ignore the orange, it was an idea I decided against.



Precision is king.

I grabbed Devin’s massive Lectron carb and mocked it up for some good lulz. Even with the TM24 it looks ridiculous, especially when it get’s bolted up to a maxi.

lectron lulz

The weekend was amazing. It was a reminder of the solid people I have in my life and how thankful I am for the moped community. Life is good.

Check out RJ’s account of the weekend here.

cuperzack put together a really well thought out post about moped racing, the progression it’s taken over the last couple years, and what the core of it is all about. it’s long, but worth it. here are some highlights….

The first 2 years of moped racing did much to evolve the tuning and attitudes towards performance than had been seen the previous few. Old threads on MA show people talking (in 2007) about how they hit 60 but they were scared to hold it and so on. ….in general most advancements were cautious and had to do with the availability of new parts and adapting parts to work in new applications (say the malossi reed block on a puch polini with a PHBG: instant speed increases)…

…2009 was a direct contrast. The innovation in just a series of months was intense. With so many custom builds, people wanted to get even crazier, and they did….

…Many, myself included, were a bit bummed that racing had become something so intense, where actually competing required either money or great expertise….

…So after reading all this you are probably wondering what I’m trying to say. It comes down to this: moped racing is about determined individuals. The particular powerplant is not what is relevant in our endeavors to create competitive racing, but those involved….

…If we want to get people involved we simply need to get them on the track. I remember seeing Travis’ initial fear of going out on the track at the Polini cup, but after one lap you could see the excitement in his eyes. Not everyone will respond the same way, but the attraction to racing is difficult to build through rules, instead it needs to be through the experience. Racing is about having fun!…

Link again to the full post.

Just a few nuggets, there’s a loads more insight in his full post. I’m really hoping racing happens in the midwest this year. There are some people currently working on it. This weekend I’m heading to motion left to hang out with friends I haven’t seen in too long and to make some progress on scary busey (the 24 mk, polini, dio reedblock e50). I’m going to re-casematch and rebuild my bottom end and do some experimental porting with Devin to see what we can get out of the cylinder. Real excited to get back to building.

new shop!


dan, a friend of mine that’s into old motorcycles, and i have been looking for a good warehouse space in grand rapids for the past couple months to turn into a moped/motorcycle co-op/awesome dudebro hangout. this past week we found it! it’s in the ground floor/basement of a big warehouse that is split up into all kinds of crazy spaces filled with bands, machine shops, and is home to the ghost rider’s shop. the idea is to keep this productive space built that fosters creativity and inspiration for builds. there are some solid people looking at getting involved. i’m real excited to see it become a reality.


first room

doorway from first to second room

second room

i’ll update with photos as different moped and moto projects start happening in the shop. there should be some cool stuff in the future.



pure wadowski

wads ventured up to michigan from bandit land over the holidays and spent some time hanging out in gr. he found this awesome game from the 70s for three dollars.

this game RULES

the red knob at the bottom controls all the little planks at the same time. the marbles then drop continually (so you have to move quick) and you make them plink their way down. the further down you get the more points you score.

IN THE ZONE. after a few tries,

perfect score!! the company has some pretty awesome other games.

this is not one of them.

from the back of the frenzy box.

in moped news, the last of the parts i need for both scary busey extreme edition and the m101 (thanks kevin!) will be here shortly. i’m getting the itch again to work on bikes. soon!

happy holidaze!


feelin pretty jolly. lots of holiday cheer being spread between friends. got some awesome christmas cards.

from team thunderstroke

i got glitterbombed from boston.

that ENTIRE envelope was filled with glitter.

my mom gave me a pretty rad ornament
rad ornament from mom

i moved most of my mopeds and my motorcycle up to michigan.

there’s a few of us looking for a co-op warehouse space. just working out the details. real pumped about getting a place to work on bikes up here. lots more progress once that happens.

holiday party tip, JUST ADD KITTIES.


first off, wordpress’ homepage has snowflakes falling on it. awesome. second, I’M BACK. it’s been a while. partially because all my mopeds were in louisville and i was in grand rapids, and because i just got back from a month in mexico working on a movie (photos from that trip in this flicker set and this one).

chad burke’s moped gather and fixit weekend was happening right after i got back and gave me some much needed moped time.

pat pat was hard at work on his gila and kz was transferring his polini to a shiny new build.

did somebody call…the DRILLMASTER?

walt was practicing for an extra’s role in the next xXx movie.


the weekend was an rad time of hanging out with good friends and wrenching (i got my m101 bottom end together, more later). big thanks to chad for hosting everyone at his house and warehouse. oh and for the record, the dark crystal is ONE F’D UP MOVIE.

one more thing, the illustrious mr responsible is coming back to the midwest. i’m very excited about this. maybe the lightning suits will collide for the first time this summer?