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tomorrow (saturday) myself and 6 other bandits are heading to moped mecca and meeting up with the quarterkick guys, a few tbs’rs, at least 4 switchhandsignal duders, and possibly big bad bengry. fellow bandit, jason wadowski, went there with brad smith last week. he has a sweet blog post about their journey. if you haven’t […]

cdi part 2


while i was back in michigan i spent some good times at the bemis blast shop hanging out and working on bikes with peter, pattyboy and patperry. i went to work trying to further dial in the timing on my cdi. jon from the tom cruisers posted that he was able to get it timed […]

tbs came to party and play mopeds for the day last tuesday. after an good night of drink smashing and talking about shadowhare we took off on a ride. on the way back my bike suddenly started having terrible low end issues. it sounded super rich at low rpms but was fine once i milked […]