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cdi part 2


while i was back in michigan i spent some good times at the bemis blast shop hanging out and working on bikes with peter, pattyboy and patperry. i went to work trying to further dial in the timing on my cdi. jon from the tom cruisers posted that he was able to get it timed […]

gary busey 2.5


this week i’ll be making the next steps towards fastifying gary busey. i’ve got a box of treats coming in today that include performance reeds for my polini, crank and clutch for the magnum, and hopefully the rest of the cdi goodies. ever since la i’ve been having a surging issue with my polini. it […]

WB is just around the corner, and there’s a ton of people coming. registration is over 250?? what? i’m suuuuper stoked to: have back to back mega rallies, get crazy with tons of people and then go sleep at home each night and blast with the ghost riders (who are rolling DEEP). my maxi fiiiiiiinally […]