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woah, hey guys


almost a month since my last post. like i said before life stuff really picked up. right after bomb prom i moved back up to michigan for the summer and lost a bit of my moped groove. buuut, i’m ready to get back into the swing of things. scary busey: some more developments with this […]

i stopped by the motorcycle shop yesterday to make some derbi progress. when i got there matt (from cheap cycle parts, really rad dudes) brought me around back and showed me his buddies 55-60mph wheelie machine jog, so awesome. hey what are those holes for? oh, the watercooled athena kit. nbd. the radiator is cycled […]

and i don’t have a running bike. freaking.out. right now my maxi forks are sitting at the ford plant in their machine shop getting the threads chased. i had the top bearing nut fixed…but it turned out the threads were mucked up on the head tube too, bonerjamz. beyond the forks i still have a […]



so not having internet or a computer at home and some tedious work have slowed updates. without access to a computer, i had to do an analog design for precise layout and SAE/FEA structural integrity testing on the derbi. results came back favorable. i spent the weekend and last night working on getting scary busey […]

more slow progress on the derbi rear wheel. the 18″ tire i got from the motorcycle shop didn’t work out. i wish it would have, the bike looked real gnarly with it mocked up. so i moved forward with the plan of lacing a 17″ wheel into the F7 hub. the spokes were completely rusted […]

fancy pants


some fancy things recently acquired and getting put to use… custom sprockets for the derbi monster from the sprocket specialists. if you ever need custom sprocket, these are the guys to get them from. around $50 a sprocket, aluminum, really good quality, and the option of having it T-3 hardened (i’m going to do that […]

nothing too excited, but some more steady progress made. after precision eyeballing and precarious tack welding the yz80 frame has been retrofitted with tank mounts. after a few layers of electrical tape they fit real snug. after getting the tank mounted i ran into a problem. the monsterous hydro fork tubes were hitting the tank […]

went over to nate’s garage last night. the wood stove was roastin, ryan nichols was drinking smirnoff ice and talking about spartafoxilover and we went through a spool of wire on the welder. i got the motor mocked up with a jackstand and made sure to line everything up just right. with the derbi motor […]

derbi progress


the derbi monster has sadly been at a halt since before christmas. the main obstacle of the project, figuring out a rear sprocket/wheel situation, turned out to be some real trouble. here it is with the original YZ80 rear wheel. there were two problems with that wheel. first, the 12″ wheel looked goofy and non-moped […]