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This past weekend Nate, Devin and I went up to Milwaukee (which is AWESOME) to hang out with the Cranks. If you haven’t spent time with any of the Cranks, you’re blowing it. These dudes are super hospitable, a ton of fun, real knowledgeable, ride year round…they’re doing it right. We spent all day Saturday […]

my magnum project has been at a standstill while i’ve been trying to find a parts set of mkII hydro forks. bby dylan is hooking me up with a bent set (a result of mad game in the wheelie contest). everything’s back on track. …too easy

WB is just around the corner, and there’s a ton of people coming. registration is over 250?? what? i’m suuuuper stoked to: have back to back mega rallies, get crazy with tons of people and then go sleep at home each night and blast with the ghost riders (who are rolling DEEP). my maxi fiiiiiiinally […]