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i stopped by the motorcycle shop yesterday to make some derbi progress. when i got there matt (from cheap cycle parts, really rad dudes) brought me around back and showed me his buddies 55-60mph wheelie machine jog, so awesome. hey what are those holes for? oh, the watercooled athena kit. nbd. the radiator is cycled […]

and i don’t have a running bike. freaking.out. right now my maxi forks are sitting at the ford plant in their machine shop getting the threads chased. i had the top bearing nut fixed…but it turned out the threads were mucked up on the head tube too, bonerjamz. beyond the forks i still have a […]

i’m slowly chipping away at getting both of these bikes done. the derbi is by far the most ambitious build i’ve tackled, the pitbike forks on the maxi have proved to be challenging (i’m going to do a full writeup on everything it took to make them work when i’m done) and i’m also forcing […]

with the handy help of hobbit blaster master peter mcderfer i converted my PA50I bottom end to a PA50II last night. he’s got a great blog post detailing everything you need to do complete with some pro tips. there’s a few steps. first up was grinding down the little nubber in the cases that keep […]