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no tuning in this post, instead some pictures from our weds night ride.  there was a decent turn out with 20+ people, with special guest QUATTO! maggie leading the ride downtown markryan, sue, nate and maggie right before blast off and rev dubs (aka jeremy bandit) SICK magnum recently coverted to mini.  there is a […]

to do to the frame… – weld a small bracket to extend the brake stop for the front 5 star – paint the tank – cut and weld a custom bracket for the automotive fog lights – get seat reupholstered – cables, wires, etc. tomorrow we (myself and 10-12 bandits) load bikes up and head […]

my magnum project has been at a standstill while i’ve been trying to find a parts set of mkII hydro forks. bby dylan is hooking me up with a bent set (a result of mad game in the wheelie contest). everything’s back on track. …too easy

smoothin it out


i never really liked the tank grooves on magnums without decals. because i’m not going to be using any i decided to fill them in. what i started with first layer of bondo glass finished product after lots of sanding and some filler putty



after months of searching, i found my magnum in chicago. this is going to be my first start to finish complete build. the plan was to have bright ass 80s neon colors all over the bike. after a completely failing to get the neon colors i wanted with rattlecanning i changed up the color scheme […]