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I had forgotten how much I love having a shop to work in. Heading down there with no agenda, listening to music and hanging out and working is incredibly relaxing and enjoyable. I spent the last 3 nights hanging out in the shop doing some work on my polini cylinder and cases. I was looking […]

There seems to be a lot of nervousness when it comes to building these kits. There’s not much too it, but there are some Polini tips I’ve picked up from Devin at Motion Left Mopeds, Peter, the MA community and a few little things I’ve figured out along the way. Most all of this stuff […]

yesterday i finally got the dremel collets i needed to hook up my dremel flex shaft. i was holding off porting my polini exhaust until then so i could get all the angles i wanted inside the exhaust port, making it a lot easier. a pros only porting tip i picked up from peter is […]

some porting


while my derbi motor was apart i figured i’d tinker around with some porting. i’d like to race this motor in the spring/summer, so i want to see what this kit is capable of. here’s what i planned for the cylinder (65cc pyramid reed metrakit). i ended up just raising the exhaust 2mm and widening […]