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Busey’s Back.


Decided to give Scary Busey a double dose of pimping and upgrayedd the shocks. I liked the shocks Christophe used on his Daggr1 one build (west seattle just got a set too). When I looked into where those guys got them (, I was surprised to find out it was a half hour away! So […]

The winter months make it easy to forget how much fun you have with moped friends. This weekend I went down to Goshen Indiana for a welcome home party for Mr. Responsible Jon, hosted by Devin at the MLM shop. It was a collection of amazing midwestern friends. Bandits, TBS, Guns, MF, Motion Left and […]

this past weekend we were headed out to the track with a bunch of people. of course that meant i was in nate’s garage late friday night working on getting scary busey race proper. in the never ending battle of getting the pit bike forks to work, the threads were too trashed to salvage on […]

There seems to be a lot of nervousness when it comes to building these kits. There’s not much too it, but there are some Polini tips I’ve picked up from Devin at Motion Left Mopeds, Peter, the MA community and a few little things I’ve figured out along the way. Most all of this stuff […]

and i don’t have a running bike. freaking.out. right now my maxi forks are sitting at the ford plant in their machine shop getting the threads chased. i had the top bearing nut fixed…but it turned out the threads were mucked up on the head tube too, bonerjamz. beyond the forks i still have a […]



so not having internet or a computer at home and some tedious work have slowed updates. without access to a computer, i had to do an analog design for precise layout and SAE/FEA structural integrity testing on the derbi. results came back favorable. i spent the weekend and last night working on getting scary busey […]

more slow progress on the derbi rear wheel. the 18″ tire i got from the motorcycle shop didn’t work out. i wish it would have, the bike looked real gnarly with it mocked up. so i moved forward with the plan of lacing a 17″ wheel into the F7 hub. the spokes were completely rusted […]

i’m slowly chipping away at getting both of these bikes done. the derbi is by far the most ambitious build i’ve tackled, the pitbike forks on the maxi have proved to be challenging (i’m going to do a full writeup on everything it took to make them work when i’m done) and i’m also forcing […]

On my old Polini setup I was getting some reed fluttering at the top end when I would let off the throttle at high speeds. This was only going to get worse with the porting and reed mod that I did, so I bought some thicker reed material. Stock Polini reeds are .30mm, I bought […]