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Busey got to spend his first day at the track. Holey moley was it fun. Phil decided to quit mopeds and race scooters instead. (sike, that’s not actually phil) Thanks to Dan Kastner for the photos. Busey did pretty good on the track. My headset started to get loose (that’s been a long running headache […]

cuperzack put together a really well thought out post about moped racing, the progression it’s taken over the last couple years, and what the core of it is all about. it’s long, but worth it. here are some highlights…. The first 2 years of moped racing did much to evolve the tuning and attitudes towards […]



so the races are in three days, and i’m still figuring out exactly what i’m going to do. PREDICTABLE. i was pretty much set, until i saw that benji got these these tires in stock. REAL RACING TIRES!! not sure if they’ll fit in a maxi swingarm. i’ve got a magnum swingarm i can use […]

woof. wb3 was epic, exhausting and a blur. thanks a million to everyone that came out. total registration numbers were 335, plus a bunch of people that came late (at least 20). biggest rally in MA history. there’s a ton more photos embedded and linked in this MA thread, just scroll though it. that weekend […]

this past weekend we were headed out to the track with a bunch of people. of course that meant i was in nate’s garage late friday night working on getting scary busey race proper. in the never ending battle of getting the pit bike forks to work, the threads were too trashed to salvage on […]

it’s for sure happening this spring/summer! for the last month i’d been talking to the race director at circleville racepark. the track looked great and they were enthusiastic about us coming, but after talking to them more i realized we were going to be subjected to their rules (which were a total bummer), their racedates […]