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switchHANDsignal’s rally was last weekend and was nothing short of awesome. it had a tight family feel with a lot of good people. i got to hang out with the black pipes from ohio for the first time, pretty rad dudes for sure. friday night elder and i missed the long ride so we took […]

motion left’s vacation rally was awesome. karaoke, country riding, camping, smores, loko, etc. only bummer was my derbi died on the way to nates to load bikes and head up there. i put a couple hours into it saturday morning at motion left. electrical looked good, fuel flow was good, but nothing. other ideas are […]

over 330 people registered. wow. amazing rides planned, burritos and pbr for everyone, the biggest fireworks show in north america, awesome parties and bourbon bandits hospitality. this weekend is going to rule.



yarrrrg, another polini seize. this time with an estoril, what i thought was an unseizable setup. i put 2500 miles on the same setup (15 bing polini estoril) last year with zero problems. this has me slightly questioning the porting i did, or maybe it’s just a series of flukes. well…here’s my first addition to […]

This weekend was epic. Dead Peds threw an amazing rally. Everyone I met was real cool and the rides were long, winding and beautiful. I got some video, unfortunately not till after some of the best parts, but you get the idea. There was a small breakaway pack of us that were blasting full throttle […]

i’m here


i’m in la, and i’m sosososososo stoked! bikes come in tomorrow, and i’ll be meeting up with clint from the cranks at choke and unloading them. i think we’re going to do some doodbro surfing tomorrow too. 4 days till the raging starts. hot dog!

mo, no ped


half moped related, i got a new car today and i’m super stoked about it. it’s a 2000 civic five speed hatchback. it gets rockin gas milage (35+ highway) and has enough room in the trunk for 2 peds. this needed to happen to make the move a lot easier. the volvo wasn’t quite trustworthy.

so stoked. 8 days till my plane leaves for la, 15 till the rally. more about "flooooock yeah!", posted with vodpod