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i tore into the derbi’s intake last week and made some pretty surprising discoveries. here’s my first glimpse of the pyramid reed block this motor is named after. quite curious. pyramid reed in fact has a pyramid reed block. i’m not the biggest fan of metal reeds and might end up getting some carbon fiber […]

tbs came to party and play mopeds for the day last tuesday. after an good night of drink smashing and talking about shadowhare we took off on a ride. on the way back my bike suddenly started having terrible low end issues. it sounded super rich at low rpms but was fine once i milked […]

last week i tackled installing the boyesen dual stage reeds on my polini. the reeds get put together in this order… after a bit of flipping i got them to sit flat. however when i started to slightly torque down the screws the middle and final reeds would separate a little and leave me with […]

gary busey 2.5


this week i’ll be making the next steps towards fastifying gary busey. i’ve got a box of treats coming in today that include performance reeds for my polini, crank and clutch for the magnum, and hopefully the rest of the cdi goodies. ever since la i’ve been having a surging issue with my polini. it […]