so the races are in three days, and i’m still figuring out exactly what i’m going to do. PREDICTABLE. i was pretty much set, until i saw that benji got these these tires in stock. REAL RACING TIRES!!


not sure if they’ll fit in a maxi swingarm. i’ve got a magnum swingarm i can use instead. not sure if the longer magnum swingarm will make a big difference with handling, but we’ll find out. i’m also waiting on some legit gloves and an awesome high tensile racing chain from the rad dudes at

i also took the opportunity to order up the mikuni jets needed for my 24 flatslide…so maybe i’ll end up trying out the super ported, 4 petal 24 mikuni setup and see how it does. question for you pros, is it a bad idea to keep the same piston and run it in different cylinders? right now i have an unported B cylinder with the B piston. am i safe switching out cylinders to my ported out C cylinder and keeping the B piston on there? it seems like i’d work fine, but there are definitely things i don’t know about piston/cylinder specifics. it’s the only piston i have, so if not i’ll be sticking with the 15 bing for the weekend.

last night i got my forks filled with 2 ounces of 15 weight fork fluid. so much better! really excited to get it back together and feel the difference. all that has to be done now is welding the seat into position. bonus items included plastic pedals, welding a crossbar in and the ported 4 petal 24 mikuni. going to start spending nights in nate’s garage. we’ll see how much work i get done. so stoked to get on the track this weekend and see everything come together. here are a bunch of photos i found of some supermotos racing at the same track we’re going to.


3 Responses to “THREE DAYS!”

  1. i would run more oil with the looser piston. check your piston to wall clearance with feeler gauges. if it’s significantly greater than the B piston by more than 5 thousnadths, i would def look into runnign more oil. as the piston slaps more it will break through the oil film easier, and scuff easier.

  2. I would worry about being the most awesome looking guy on the track and find yourself some AVG lightning bolt boots.

  3. 3 gabeb

    i’ll check that out. thanks matt!

    phil SERIOUSLY. i started looking already but they’re hard to find. i’ll be rocking some thrift store combat boots for this round.

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