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random things


at motion sick i had my stator off my polini e50 to install new points. when i pulled the stator i found something slightly alarming, my case seal behind the plate had come slightly unseated and bulged out around the bottom. there wasn’t any oil leakage, and the seal looked fine so i gently tapped […]



fellow ghost rider jona hooked me up with an 84 variant sle he found in st louis. barney from ire was awesome and brought it to kzoo where nate took it back for me and got it today. it didn’t have spark, but a quick investigation showed that it had a 3 wire cev stator, […]

amazing weekend


this past weekend in cinci with tbs and bandits was sooo much fun. just a few highlights… crazy jay’s wagon wheel emporium wetsuit amanda indiana jones torches trampoline spoonfest jake’s fist of fury 40 miles straight wide open ❤ tbs

to do to the frame… – weld a small bracket to extend the brake stop for the front 5 star – paint the tank – cut and weld a custom bracket for the automotive fog lights – get seat reupholstered – cables, wires, etc. tomorrow we (myself and 10-12 bandits) load bikes up and head […]



i’m cookin now that i got those spare magnum forks. more to come tomorrow.

here’s the video julian put together from last weekends elkhart rally. so rad!

my magnum project has been at a standstill while i’ve been trying to find a parts set of mkII hydro forks. bby dylan is hooking me up with a bent set (a result of mad game in the wheelie contest). everything’s back on track. …too easy

last week i tackled installing the boyesen dual stage reeds on my polini. the reeds get put together in this order… after a bit of flipping i got them to sit flat. however when i started to slightly torque down the screws the middle and final reeds would separate a little and leave me with […]

gary busey 2.5


this week i’ll be making the next steps towards fastifying gary busey. i’ve got a box of treats coming in today that include performance reeds for my polini, crank and clutch for the magnum, and hopefully the rest of the cdi goodies. ever since la i’ve been having a surging issue with my polini. it […]