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nate made a huge craigslist score last week.  he chased down a cryptic post an hour away looking for what looked to be a morini powered trike.  when he got there he was surprise by something WAY more badass. it’s a minirelli v1 powered tri-ped.  supposedly only 500 ever made.  it’s a LOT of fun […]

you may know him from such fame as “MY MOPED’S ON FIRE!”, or as the owner of the charelli or if you’re lucky, as zombie zack.  well zack has a fancy new moped blog about his garelli monza gt: check it out, there’s some cool garelli tech happening over there.

i’ve decided to sell the tsm.  i haven’t had it that long, but i’ve realized i have an abundance of moped projects and lack of cash/time.  combine that with the opportunity to get an awesome motorcycle (yamaha 350 r5) and something had to give.  the tsm was going to be the biggest money pit i […]

no tuning in this post, instead some pictures from our weds night ride.  there was a decent turn out with 20+ people, with special guest QUATTO! maggie leading the ride downtown markryan, sue, nate and maggie right before blast off and rev dubs (aka jeremy bandit) SICK magnum recently coverted to mini.  there is a […]

after kitting and piping the derbi (65 pyramid reed metra and 75cc zen pipe) i tried running it with the carb and intake i already had, a 15mm sha and the stock intake dremeled out to 14.5. it really sucked, and was obvious i needed MOAR CARBURATION.  so i ordered an 18vm mikuni. it’s an […]

…the brute force way. markryan needed a stock magnum cylinder. ryan and sue had one, but it was stuck on a completely destroyed za50. enter our tutorial: watch nate’s scientific method for getting a cylinder free from the sinister hands of seizetown. STEP 1: smash the bejeezus out of the piston trying to force in […]