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switchHANDsignal’s rally was last weekend and was nothing short of awesome. it had a tight family feel with a lot of good people. i got to hang out with the black pipes from ohio for the first time, pretty rad dudes for sure. friday night elder and i missed the long ride so we took […]



yarrrrg, another polini seize. this time with an estoril, what i thought was an unseizable setup. i put 2500 miles on the same setup (15 bing polini estoril) last year with zero problems. this has me slightly questioning the porting i did, or maybe it’s just a series of flukes. well…here’s my first addition to […]

this weekend we (bandits and tbs) stayed at a rad cabin in the appalachian mountains. a few miles into the 30 mile ride i was coming to the top of a long hill when my motor started getting noisy. polini’s are loud kits and i’ve heard some weird noises out of mine with nothing wrong, […]