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uh oh, nate went ahead and done made himself a blog. if you want a peak of the down and dirty of the monsters nate turns out and the heart of some bandit builds, check it out at some rad vespa tech happening right now. in non-mad scientist moped news i got my derbi […]

this weekend we (bandits and tbs) stayed at a rad cabin in the appalachian mountains. a few miles into the 30 mile ride i was coming to the top of a long hill when my motor started getting noisy. polini’s are loud kits and i’ve heard some weird noises out of mine with nothing wrong, […]

nate made a huge craigslist score last week.  he chased down a cryptic post an hour away looking for what looked to be a morini powered trike.  when he got there he was surprise by something WAY more badass. it’s a minirelli v1 powered tri-ped.  supposedly only 500 ever made.  it’s a LOT of fun […]