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motion left’s vacation rally was awesome. karaoke, country riding, camping, smores, loko, etc. only bummer was my derbi died on the way to nates to load bikes and head up there. i put a couple hours into it saturday morning at motion left. electrical looked good, fuel flow was good, but nothing. other ideas are […]

uh oh, nate went ahead and done made himself a blog. if you want a peak of the down and dirty of the monsters nate turns out and the heart of some bandit builds, check it out at some rad vespa tech happening right now. in non-mad scientist moped news i got my derbi […]



well we got rained out this weekend and had to cancel round 1. the next race will be as scheduled on june 12-13. in the unnecessary rush to get my bike finished for the races i finished up a few things. i figured out a seating position and mostly finished making a seat. wadowski had […]

woof. wb3 was epic, exhausting and a blur. thanks a million to everyone that came out. total registration numbers were 335, plus a bunch of people that came late (at least 20). biggest rally in MA history. there’s a ton more photos embedded and linked in this MA thread, just scroll though it. that weekend […]



yarrrrg, another polini seize. this time with an estoril, what i thought was an unseizable setup. i put 2500 miles on the same setup (15 bing polini estoril) last year with zero problems. this has me slightly questioning the porting i did, or maybe it’s just a series of flukes. well…here’s my first addition to […]

i spent a good chunk of last summer cruising around on a stock derbi. it was glorious. a comfy seating position, long seat for doubles which it would pull no problem and a max speed of mid-upper 30s. it was a good summer. then i made it go fast and realized the frame was sketchasuraus […]

i’m slowly chipping away at getting both of these bikes done. the derbi is by far the most ambitious build i’ve tackled, the pitbike forks on the maxi have proved to be challenging (i’m going to do a full writeup on everything it took to make them work when i’m done) and i’m also forcing […]

derbi progress


the derbi monster has sadly been at a halt since before christmas. the main obstacle of the project, figuring out a rear sprocket/wheel situation, turned out to be some real trouble. here it is with the original YZ80 rear wheel. there were two problems with that wheel. first, the 12″ wheel looked goofy and non-moped […]



tomorrow (saturday) myself and 6 other bandits are heading to moped mecca and meeting up with the quarterkick guys, a few tbs’rs, at least 4 switchhandsignal duders, and possibly big bad bengry. fellow bandit, jason wadowski, went there with brad smith last week. he has a sweet blog post about their journey. if you haven’t […]