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some porting


while my derbi motor was apart i figured i’d tinker around with some porting. i’d like to race this motor in the spring/summer, so i want to see what this kit is capable of. here’s what i planned for the cylinder (65cc pyramid reed metrakit). i ended up just raising the exhaust 2mm and widening […]

in the transition to a new, much more amazing, frame for the derbi, it was time to case match and do some porting.  i didn’t feel like splitting the cases and doing a full rebuild.  to avoid aluminum shavings all up in my crank and bearings i used some play dough and plastic wrap.  obvserve… step […]

in a partial trade for the tsm, ben from switcHANDsignal sent me a new derbi metrakit pipe.  i had a feeling the 75cc zen was holding me back, and HOLY CRAP was i right.  the bike was entirely transformed.   easy wheelie torque and a ton more top end (8+ mph). the zen pipe was just […]

a few things have happened and i haven’t been posting.  i just got back from brodeo (which was AMAZING) so this is going to be quick. – i tried installing the za50 cdi benji sells on my derbi. i followed cuperzack’s blog post on how to install it and had no luck. finally, after flipping […]